Homework 1

Due, in stat405 mailbox, Thursday 30 Aug


Create three plots that reveal something interesting about either the diamonds or mpg datasets. For each graph, include the code you used to create the plot, and a one paragraph description of what you found interesting.

In most cases the first plot you try will not be the most informative and you will need to make multiple improvements to get a polished plot. To show this process, for one plot, please show 3-5 iterations that lead you to this plot (these can be printed at a much smaller size).

Assemble the assignment using any tool you choose, but make sure to print it on a colour printer (find out how to access the Rice colour printers if you don’t already know). In total, your homework should be 4-5 pages long.

You can talk about questions with your colleagues in the class, and it’s often useful to get feedback from others on your plots, but everything that you hand in should be yours, and you can consider homeworks to be pledged. I expect all homeworks to be unique.


This assignment will be graded out of 15 according to the homework rubric.

Sample solutions: b, c, d, e.

Late policy

This homework follows the standard late penalty: 0% penalty if in the stat405 mailbox by Friday 9am, 20% by 9am Monday morning and 100% after that. Please read the syllabus for other homework policies.