Homework 2

Due, in stat405 mailbox, Thursday 6 Sep

Data exploration

Create two plots that reveal something interesting about the full mpg dataset as described in the project. For each graph, include the code you used to create the plot, and a one paragraph description of what you found interesting.

If your working directory is set to the right place you can load the data into R using:

 mpg2 <- read.csv("mpg2.csv.bz2", stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

Assemble the assignment using any tool you choose, but make sure to print it on a colour printer. In total, your homework should be 2-3 pages long.

You can talk about questions with your colleagues in the class, and it’s often useful to get feedback from others on your plots, but everything that you hand in should be yours, and you can consider homeworks to be pledged. I expect all homeworks to be unique.

Team setup

Each group should turn in a single page with:

  • Your team name
  • A list of team members and their contact details
  • Your weekly meeting time (at least 1 hour in duration)
  • A list of team expectations
  • Signatures of each group member


The data analysis component of the assignment will be graded out of 15 according to the homework rubric.

The team setup will be graded out of 5: 1 missing components, 2 minimal expectations, 3 some expectations unrealistic, 4 realistic expectations and plan for dealing with problems, 5 clear, well-written expectations with careful plan for dealing with problems.