Homework 3

Due, in stat405 mailbox, Thursday 13 Sep

Data exploration

Create one plot that illustrates something interesting about any of the datasets we have used so far. Your plot should be the result of significant iteration, as shown by 4-6 plots, displayed on a single page. These plots should represent your path of discovery, each graph giving you ideas that lead to the next, not tweaking 4-6 visual features of one plot.

Include a 1-2 paragraph description of what your plot shows, and include all code that contributed to the intermediate iterations or final plot in an appendix. You do not need to describe the sequence of iterations, just show the plots and code.

Team skills

Read coping with hitchhikers and couch potatoes on teams, and write 2-3 paragraphs on how you feel the paper relates to your previous experience in group projects and what you will do to ensure you don’t have the same problems with the team projects in this class.


This homework must be done in latex. You should demonstrate your mastery of the basics by including:

  • a floating figure with caption at bottom
  • a cross-reference to the figure
  • an appendix that contains your complete code

Homework not created in latex will be returned ungraded.


The data analysis component of the assignment will be graded out of 15 according to the homework rubric. You will lose a point point each for failing to include a floating figure with caption, a cross-reference to that figure or an appendix containing your code.

Half a point will be deducted for each of the following code style violations:

  • Incorrect spacing around commas, parentheses, operators or comments.

  • Lines that are wider than 80 columns so that they are either wrapped inappropriately, or cut off by the side of the page.

  • Failure to include descriptive comments which tell me what you are trying to achieve (not how you are achieving it).

  • If you create new variables, using names that do not accurately express the content of the variable.

Note that you can lose many points from style violations. Be careful! I emphasise these points because they are so important for the long term maintainability of your code, and because the more easily I can understand your code, the better the grade you will get.

Team skill writing will be graded out of 5: 5 points for a reflective and thoughtful response with a concrete plan for the future, 4 for thoughtful comments on the past, but no clear plan for the future, 3 for ok summary of the past.