Homework 5

Due, in stat405 mailbox, Thursday Oct 4

Code comprehension

Read through the six prize functions that correctly calculate the winnings and try to figure out how they work. Which function is the easiest to understand? Which is the hardest? Why? Were comments used effectively? For each function, write a couple of sentences describing its basic strategy, and conclude with a pargraph saying which of the six solutions you think is best (and why).

Create your own prize function that uses what you think are the best pieces from each solution.

Plyr drills

Do the following plyr drills: baby names 1-12 and diamonds 8-15.

Grading scale

Code comprehension: Graded out of 30. 30 = succinct descriptions of strategy and deep, insightful overall analysis. 24 = good descriptions and analysis. 18 = description and analysis miss minor features. 12 = description and analysis misses major features of importance.

Drills: You will get one point for each successfully completed drill.