Homework 9

Due, in stat405 mailbox, Thursday Nov 8

Graphical critique

Select two graphics that you have produced this semester. For each graphic:

  • Write a 1-2 paragraph critique. What works well in the plot? What doesn’t work so well?

  • Create a improved version of the plot.

  • Describe your improvements in a bulleted list.

I encourage you to collaborate and critique each others graphics, but everyone must turn in a unique critique and improvement (i.e. if you use a graphic from a project, make sure none of your group members are also using it.)


Each critique and improvement will be graded out of 5. To get a five, you will need to pick a graphic that was already pretty good, provide an insightful critique of it’s weaknesses, and then remedy the weaknesses using something you’ve learned in class, and something you’ve learned elsewhere.